Plexiglass reproduction

Why this choice of support?
I chose this support which is both translucent and shiny because it is very close for me to the technique I use when I paint a canvas: that is to say The glaze technique.

The plexiglass emphasizes the depth of the colors and the clarity of the details as in my play of transparencies, as in my superimpositions of very diluted oil paints.

The light is refracted by the medium giving a subtle illusion of movement as the eye moves from different angles.
Printing on plexiglass
It is an acrylic print that gives the colors a very shiny appearance, both modern and contemporary. It is a plastic made using acrylic acid derivatives. Twice lighter than glass, it retains the same properties: transparency and clarity.

This sleek and modern derivative will find its place in any area of ​​your home. In radiant colors, my plexiglass prints will give your interior decoration a refined glow and a sophisticated shine to your space, a very beautiful visual effect.

  • Bulle d’innocence, bulle d’insouciance, bulle de vie au parfum d’ailleurs…..Ambiance effervescente multicolore,  cette reproduction  saura faire pétiller votre intérieur.
  • Dynamic creation full of movement. When Zoa puts on her boa, the mood becomes fluffy. A clever mix of feathers and furs in the colors that enchant you, this reproduction will make your interior sparkle.
    Format 30 x 40 cm
  • The flower to the teeth was all I had .... in the middle of nowhere in a moment of eternity
    Creation in smoked colors, half tones giving an atmosphere of dawn where everything seems possible. Format 30 x 40 cm
  • A page that turns is a new adventure that begins. So hold our hearts, the future is yours ...
    A tangy atmosphere for this reproduction in raspberry, azure blue, yellow and green colors, full of pep. Format 60 x 80 cm
  • « Soul or sister? Like a being recognized in the depths of the mystery, like a spirit of fraternity or unconditional friendship »
    Ethnic creation with warm nuances, African scents. Métis… a mix of colors with tribal graphics that will warm your interior and make you travel. Format 40 x 30cm
  • Whether you are beautiful or rebellious, enjoy life, every moment as if it were the last ... Sparkling reproduction, in contrasting colors that will give you pep and energy.
  • If your sensitivity is on edge, if your heartbeats accelerate, if a great thrill invades you... then let yourself be hypnotized by the softness of this creation with bewitching blue tones, breathe deeply and let yourself be overwhelmed by the serenity of this portrait.