Plexiglass “A fleur de peau”

Plexiglass “A fleur de peau”


If your sensitivity is on edge, if your heartbeats accelerate, if a great thrill invades you… then let yourself be hypnotized by the softness of this creation with bewitching blue tones, breathe deeply and let yourself be overwhelmed by the serenity of this portrait.


Size of the reproduction: 60 x 90 cm

The canvas photo is printed in high resolution directly under 4mm thick plexiglass with a high-end printer.

Then, the back of the plate is coated with white ink to give a radiant contrast and protect the print from scratches, sun and moisture.

The final touch is the translucent glossy surface which gives the reproduction a unique glossy appearance with 3D reflection.

The colors of the prints are guaranteed for 50 years.

This plexiglass print is 10 times more robust than glass and is impact resistant.

Plexiglas is resistant to UV light, it is at the same time stable, rigid and light.

This support is also waterproof.


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