Without bending to currents that enclose, to passing fashions, Jeannette Guichard-Bunel’s paintings are personal and correspond to her feeling of “the air of time”, joyful, positive art, which captivates the spectator… and mesmerize him !! (Happy art)

Pour elle :

« Painting is a necessity, a pleasure, an entry into an elsewhere where time no longer exists … a moment of eternity »

Peinture onirique Guichard Bunel

Dreamlike inspiration

For 30 years, Jeannette Guichard-Bunel draws her images from his dreams. The mystery of inspiration has been repeated over and over again. The painter is alone in twirling real, dreamed or glimpsed images. But where is the border of reality ? What is the share of imagination, dream and vision?

She explains it to us: “Painting is for her an attempt to access the invisible using the logic of the visible. Its goal is to bring the spectator to detach from reality, to tip it into a dreamlike world filled with poetry and humor through a game of transparencies ”

She likes to quote Paul Claudel’s sentence “You must not understand, you must lose consciousness”

It is in this state of mind that she would like the viewer to look at her paintings.

Plexiglass "Mon autre" reproduction

Thierry Sznytka (art critic) confirms this:

« In the transparency of a material worked with great delicacy, this artist stages very elaborate compositions. His characters appear, overlap, in the discretion of the color. They seem to be surfing the maze of the unconscious, revealing with humor strange anecdotes with spooky scents. They go beyond reality, they transcend conventional stereotypes, they offer a new vision, unbridled, free, and happy with life. »

Themes of her creations

Her main subject is the woman in portrait or life scene.

Whatever the theme, the artist creates a particular atmosphere in each canvas. Perfectionist to the extreme in his compositions, his drawing is of a very pure, very smooth line then vanishes in blurs from which arise other patterns which give birth to a new emotion.

Unclassifiable artist, symbiosis of different currents (surrealism, hyperrealism and pop art), she defines herself as a “contemporary neo pop figurative painter” »


These women who are the most mysterious and the most likely to make us dream. Women from all over the world, women symbol of beauty, of spirituality, women with an inward-looking gaze, towards some unknown mystery that can also turn out to be facetious, sparkling and tender depending on the canvas.

Impression sur Toile "Ca c'est Paris" de Guichard Bunel


The very elaborate composition of his portraits is very unexpected, original and confusing. A clever mix of surrealism, hyperrealism and pop art, with multiple transparencies and overlays. The image splits and our gaze is in search of the real pattern, of what hides beyond appearances, beyond the mirror.

From overlays to overlays, from transparencies to transparencies, the colors mix, respond to each other, veil or reveal the image. Strange, unreal, unusual colors for portraits, smooth and bright, pure of any mixture and underlined by the intense black of the look.

Reproduction "Oh My God" de Jeannette Guichard Bunel