Initially intrigued by the NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) revolution, I decided to study this technology and appropriate it to distribute my artistic writing.

But how to bring something new, unique, landmark and which would respect my universe?

I chose to create a mesmerizing digital work by making my colors vibrate with animation.

My first NFT was therefore created at the beginning of 2022 by adapting and transforming the physical canvas “Retiens la nuit”, currently exhibited in Agen in the GRAAL gallery.

You are thus immersed in my world and my image lives. Experience it, fix the canvas and you are caught up, intoxicated.

Well-informed collectors can go on the dedicated OPENSEA sales platform.

Here is the link to my first NFT.

Note: It was with Jonathan BUNEL, my son, that the creation of this first NFT was possible.

NFT preview