The painter Jeannette Guichard-Bunel is French, born in 1957 in Cherbourg in Cotentin (Normandy).

After her studies, she quickly abandoned teaching to devote herself fully to her self-taught passion: painting.

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Portrait de Jeannette Guichard Bunel
Plexiglass Lorsque la age se tourne

For her, painting is an attempt to access the invisible, using the logic of the visible.

Its goal is to bring the spectator to detach from reality, to tip it “into a dreamlike world filled with poetry and humor by a game of transparencies”

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The artist uses oil paint on canvas and more precisely the glazing technique.

I try to get a very smooth effect from the surface, a mirror-like appearance where the one who looks comes to get lost, caught up in an “beyond”.

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