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My first NFT is up !

Initially intrigued by the NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) revolution, I decided to study this technology and appropriate it to distribute my artistic writing.

But how to bring something new, unique, landmark and which would respect my universe?

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The derivative product has been around for a long time. Sometimes decried, sometimes praised, it nevertheless becomes more and more common in our everyday life..

The pionneers :

Museums have always offered the possibility of acquiring reproductions of works that have participated in the history of art in the past.

Temporary exhibitions in major cultural centers also offer the public, at an affordable price, to extend the visit with a purchase, a mixture of memories and “appropriation” of a work.

Some great contemporary artists like Andy Warhol, Ben or Enki Bilal have been real pioneers in promoting their art. They were quickly followed by other artists who understood the value of this approach.

A choice :

All these reflections push me to open my pictorial universe more widely to the greatest number with the desire to make my creations more accessible, at affordable prices without budget restrictions and therefore to orient myself towards the derivative product.

However, I have chosen to control this production myself in reasonable quantities so that the original works retain all their value and interest.

But I also carefully chose the reproduction media so as not to distort my art.

This quality control on the different reproductions will assure me that each edition will remain faithful to the original.

I also want to sign each product, proof of my agreement and the importance I give it and thus adding a certain “value”.


Derivative or original work ?

Of course, derivative products will never replace the original work. A skilful blend of sensitive and intelligible, it remains unique. It bears the imprint and the aura of its creator, its energy, its emotions.

But buying a derivative product is a first step to get closer to the artist’s universe, it is to have the possibility of opening the door of one’s workshop and far beyond the world of art. . For one day … who knows … experience the intense emotion of the collector and art lover who takes the step of acquiring an original work.