Plexiglass reproduction

Why this choice of support?
I chose this support which is both translucent and shiny because it is very close for me to the technique I use when I paint a canvas: that is to say The glaze technique.

The plexiglass emphasizes the depth of the colors and the clarity of the details as in my play of transparencies, as in my superimpositions of very diluted oil paints.

The light is refracted by the medium giving a subtle illusion of movement as the eye moves from different angles.
Printing on plexiglass
It is an acrylic print that gives the colors a very shiny appearance, both modern and contemporary. It is a plastic made using acrylic acid derivatives. Twice lighter than glass, it retains the same properties: transparency and clarity.

This sleek and modern derivative will find its place in any area of ​​your home. In radiant colors, my plexiglass prints will give your interior decoration a refined glow and a sophisticated shine to your space, a very beautiful visual effect.