Print on canvas "Giclée"

Canvas print, also known as “giclée”, is an art print on a high definition inkjet printer. This term “giclée” first used by the English speakers, is now used around the world.

Why canvas printing?

The giclée allows the artist to reproduce his paintings identically on a real painter’s canvas. It also makes it possible to vary the formats of the original work by reproducing it and thus meet the wishes of potential customers.

This reproduction on canvas is becoming more and more a common solution for artists. Indeed, the art world is now exploiting all the advantages of digital technologies.

Artists as well as museums can thus have freedom of distribution while controlling their reproductions. But of course an original work remains unique and the giclées will never tarnish the creations of an artist.

Canvas prints allow accessibility to the artist’s world without restriction due to budget issues. It prolongs the life of a work, it is a perfect compromise between the original work and large print posters.

Printing on canvas is of particular interest to me, as it allows my paintings to be reproduced in a way that is very true to life . The color rendering and the texture of the canvas closely resemble the original work.

Before offering it, I check each print at the printer , it is referenced and signed on the back, as a certification of quality.